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140 Sorten - Probiersäckchen & Lakritz Mischungen

Licorice is a natural product made from the boiled juice of the Glabra root. 

The root itself, known as licorice root, can also be enjoyed. Pure liquorice (e.g. from the Amarelli company) is sugar-free but high in glycerine (the natural sweetener, glycerine, quickly enters the bloodstream via the liver and therefore increases blood pressure). The classic liquorices are divided into the categories sweet, salty and salmiak (although salmiak is also a salt).  

The salty and salmiak varieties also increase blood pressure, here the glycerithine content is strengthened with ammonium or salmiak chloride. No children's liquorice  and if you are at risk of high blood pressure please be careful.  


The pure liquorice from the Amarelli company (i.e. the naturally sugar-free ones) are available without additives, with mint, aniseed or tangerine.

On this page you will find our entire range of liquorice. You are also welcome to filter according to your wishes

GIVE LICORICE YOUR VOICE - or to put it another way, liquorice not only helps - scientifically proven - against inflammation and viruses, especially in the throat (also against corona viruses, by the way) it is also very good for your voice - you can find more information here:

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