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Confectionery and chocolates

These include truffles, nougat, marzipan and Viennese specialties.


Truffles, or fresh cream truffles, have nothing to do with mushrooms.

It is the designation  for chocolates individually  be made by hand.  A ganache made of chocolate and a fresh cream with "ingredients" (strawberry, champagne, caramel ...) is placed in a hollow chocolate ball.  This ganache cream makes the truffle special because while it's creamy and soft, it's not as greasy as many other fillings. There are truffles with an abundance of alcohol  (Eg whiskey, rum), others with very little alcohol (only for preservation, taste not noticeable) and also some without alcohol.

Nougat is a cream of chocolate paste and hazelnut paste, which was developed in northern Italy around 1800 when, for lack of sufficient cocoa beans, the chocolate paste was stretched with the existing (mostly Piedmontese) hazelnuts as the paste. This is still  today the recipe for e.g. Gianduja. Nougat in its purest form does not contain milk, therefore are  some chocolates (e.g. Fiat or our layered nougat or Tartufo nero) vegan.


Marzipan per se is almond paste with sugar and rose water. The quality is recognizable  The higher the sugar content in the marzipan, the lower the quality of the finished product because it was produced more cheaply. Be at Persipan  used instead of almond kernels, pistachio or apricot kernels,  it is considered inferior to marzipan in chocolate shops.


Viennese specialties  are  classics produced in Vienna such as  Sprinkled lozenges, chocolate bananas, pineapple cream, but also classic items sold in a Viennese candy store, such as milk or bitter almonds, dragees, or jellies

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