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As a family business, we have been living out our passion for the best luxury foods of our time for over 100 years. We run an old Viennese candy shop that is very rare.

With around 5,000 items from all over the world, which we lovingly select, try and then import for you, we really do find the right thing for every customer. We only carry special and traditional sweets, which you can hardly find anywhere else, and certainly not in the supermarket.

We want to make snacking something special again - it should be an experience that you take the time to really enjoy. Exactly that treat that you look forward to all day, that you tell your friends about and that is something out of the ordinary.

We have so many special features and would love to find just the right one for you.


Setting up a functioning online shop helped us even before the pandemic to combine the "best of 2 worlds" for our customers too.

We are in business every day and are happy to advise you with passion and competence.


Our online shop is not an anonymous one that only provides computer-generated and algorithm-controlled answers, but we make the packages ourselves in the shop, and if something doesn't fit, we'll contact you by phone or e-mail

resolve ambiguities directly.  You can also reach us by phone at any time, and we will respond to emails immediately.

Valentinstag-Bestellungen werden bis 7.2.23 versendet

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