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Can you learn to eat liquorice? Or how do you become a liquorice connoisseur?

Either you are a born liquorice lover, like most Scandinavians,

who have been bathing in sal ammoniac from an early age, or you are the one

born liquorice refusers.

But liquorice and salmiak aren't lost yet, in short you can use liquorice

Learn to eat, but you have to have patience.

First of all, there is the very peculiar bitter-sweet taste of the liquorice

to get to know and accept.

The liquorice taste is unique because it is based on the natural

sweetener based on glabra root.

The following applies here: You have to taste 7 times to finally distance yourself from it.

And many need this frequent tasting to slowly become familiar.

We are happy to help you in the sweet corner, start with something delicate, soft, sweet.

And if you flinch, we won't bother you until your next visit!

If you slowly make friends with it, then your journey into liquorice begins

Universe. At some point "sweet, tender and soft" is not enough for you, and you taste it

over the edge of the liquorice plate.

There's something tart, or something salty or something to suck on

and you'll become a liquorice connoisseur in no time.

Apropos: Learning to enjoy liquorice is not a question of age - I have liquorice

refusing grannies converted.

Well, we can fix that if you just want it.

LaKornitz, aka Michael Kornherr



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