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How I came to liquorice - or the birth of LaKornitz

I used to be “normal” by nature.

Cracked almonds from the lead crystal glass at Aunt Käthe, as sweet as possible

Milk chocolate and a handful of gummy bears were enough for mine

to satisfy a child's/adolescent's craving for sweets .

Any contact with liquorice ended with "inedible, hideous".

First an angelic Scandinavian and my imposing behavior because of:

"Liquorice? I know, I love them" led to the first refreshing taste


The angelic one left (I preferred a local chocolate lover - she has been my wife for 37 years) but the love for liquorice stayed, and she


In the beginning it was the liquorice snails and cat's paws, but later it was needed

already the stronger calibers like Danish salt pastilles and salty herring,

and at some point I completely fell into it. Salt/AmmoniaBricks, Witch's Ride

or Turkish Pepper, nothing was foreign to me anymore.

Contributed to the fact that our sweet corner was the ideal soil to share the passion for liquorice with others and to mature into LaKornitz.

For a taste and a liquorice chat in the sweet corner

LaKornitz, aka Michael Kornherr



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